Contract Recruitment of Walk-in-Interview Paramedical Staff in CRPF

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Contract Recruitment of Walk-in-Interview Paramedical Staff in CRPFLocation Fair ||  Nodal Force 3 to conduct selection process for recruitment of vacancies in paramedical cadre from retired CAPF personnel.  Retired employees above 60 years of age on duty of paramedical cadre for a period of one year up to the age of 5 years. No shoes Has been announced.Will be appointed. 

Appointment and Remuneration Expenditure Department OM no.  3-25 / 2020-EIIIA, dated 9th December, 2020, will be regulated, if the retired Government employee is appointed on contract basis, pension plus transport allowance after the last salary received which does not exceed the applicable rate at the time of retirement.On which DA will not apply.

 The vacancies in the CRPF are as follows:

શું તમે સ્પર્ધાત્મક પરીક્ષા માટે બુક ખરીદવા માંગો છો? તમે સુવિધાઓ સાથે અહીં પુસ્તક મેળવી શકો છો.

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Upon completion of the term, the contract will be automatically terminated. Of course, the appointment can be made at any time (from any party) without giving any
(1) reason, giving one month notice period or paying one month salary or completing three months of service as per the competent officer’s satisfaction.  Can be accomplished without fail 
B) Provident Fund, Pension, Graduation, Medical Attendance Treatment, Seniority, Promotion, Vs.  For example, a regular government employee will not be eligible for other benefits.  The appointee shall not have any claim or right for regular appointment to any post under CRPF. 
C) The working hours of these appointees as prescribed or enabled by CRPF Hospitals / Establishments Shall be as prescribed by the officer. 
D This appointee will have to perform duty in any part of the country.  Of course, the priority of the place of duty will be taken into consideration after selection. 
E) The appointee shall perform the duties assigned to him.  The competent authority has the right to delegate any duty as and when required.  No additional tuition will be given in the circumstances of such assignment.  Latim As per July, 18 and as per the amendment made from time to time, the right to leave will be available.
F) No TA / DA will be paid during the period of appointment of contract based hiring based CRPF.  Pani Sharikh H) During the period of the contract he shall follow the standards of discipline of the force and he shall

Written or oral orders must be followed.

Interested retired employees also read our website for applicable terms and conditions.  G) will be medically on joining.  Interested retired employees are advised to submit their written applications to the CRPF Recruitment DIG at e-mail id digrect ( within three days from the date of publication of this advertisement
Further suggestions will be periodically as per our website

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Contract Recruitment of Walk-in-Interview Paramedical Staff in CRPF